Rules & Regulations

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1. Ang pagdadala ng “Deadly Weapons” o anumang matatalim na bagay ay mahigpit na ipinagbabawal sa loob ng resort.

2. Bawal magdala ng anumang hayop (pets) sa loob ng resort.

3. Panatilihing maging malinis ang resort.Itapon ang mga basura sa basurahan.

4. Pwedeng magdala ng anumang pagkain sa loob ng resort. Subalit, available din sa resort ang softdrinks, juices o alcoholic beverages.

5. Ang pag-inom ng alak sa loob ng resort ay hindi ipinagbabawal kung kasama ito sa inyong pagsasaya. Subalit, maaari kayong palabasin sa resort sa oras na kayo ay lasing na at nangugulo sa ibang guests ng resort.

6. Bantayan ang inyong mga gamit, lalo na ang tsinelas, bag, “mobile phones”, “lap tap”, atbp. Ang Dos Montes ay hindi mananagot sa pagkawala ng inyong mga gamit kung bunga ito ng inyong kapabayaan.

7. Sumunod sa anumang patakaran o babala ng Resort Management na nakasulat para sa inyong kaalaman.

Ang Dos Montes ay hindi mananagot sa anumang aksidente na mangyayari sa inyo sa paglabag ng mga ito.

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Dear Guests:

Please follow the following rules to make your STAY at DOS MONTES RESORT a pleasant experience:

1. When renting a room, the guest must sign the Logbook and must show his/her identity. In case of refusal, the resort may refuse checking in.

2. Occupancy of a room by a greater number of occupants than the stipulated number is as a rule not permitted. If, in the absence of prior application with the Resort In-charge, the number of occupants of a room is found to exceed the number stipulated by the Resort, usage charges for the number of excess occupants will be billed.

3. Please deposit valuables at the reception. When doing so, please indicate the kind and value of the deposited item.Provided, however, that the following articles cannot be deposited.

(a) Cash
(b) Equipment that includes an information recording device (PCs, mobile phones, and other IT equipment)
(c) Items that involve personal information (customer lists, etc.)

4. If your valuables, jewelry and documents are lost, the resort DOES NOT ASSUME any responsibilities for their disappearance.

5. Visitors are not allowed in rooms. Upon request, a cottage may be provided for you to entertain your visitors.

6. Inviting strangers into the rooms, to use the resort’s facilities, such as pools and other amenities is prohibited. Unless, they pay the room rentals, entrance and cottage fees.

7. Removing items from guest rooms or moving them to other places in the resort is prohibited.

8. Installation of any foreign item in and into the rooms or any part of the resort’s facilities is prohibited.

9. Please make sure you do not leave the water running in the bathroom when you leave the room.

10. In cases of longer stay (more than 3 days), the room’s bill is to be paid every three (3) days, while the rest is covered at check-out. Bills are always payable in cash.

11. Please make sure you close the air con and room when leaving. The room key does not have to be handed to the Resort employee. But please return the key upon check-out.

12. All possible complaints shall be taken into account only if reported during stay. All later claims shall be rejected.

13. The pillows, blankets, towels, etc. are Resort’s Properties which are intended for your use during your stay, hence, not to be taken upon check-out. Please take care of the resort’s properties. All intentional damages occurring during your stay shall be charged on your account. Take care of the Hotel inventory and other equipment. All intentional damages  occurring during your stay shall be charged on you account.

14. Please make sure you do not forget anything at check out. Forgotten items are sent to guest’s address only at their request.

15. In cases of lost of door key, please inform the resort employee about its lost. The loss of room key incurs the full cost necessary for the lock change.

16. Please vacate the room on or prior to your check-out time. Staying in the room after your check out time incurs additional charge for your stay. Please inform the resort employee of a possible extension before the intended check-out time.

17. The following acts are expressly not permitted on the premises of the Resort:

  1. (1) Use of heating or cooking implements, laundry iron presses except in those areas provided by the resort, and use of such other electrical appliances.
  2. (2) Smoking in bed or other locations of increased fire hazard and smoking outside the designated areas on the resort premises.
  3. (3) Generating noise such as loud singing, diffusing of offensive odors, and committing other acts repugnant and annoying to third parties.
  4. (4) Bringing any of the following articles into the premises of the resort.
    (a) Animals including birds, etc. (except for guide dogs, etc.)
    (b) Statutory controlled substances including stimulants and narcotics
    (c) Combustible or inflammable explosives and volatile fuels and hazardous chemicals harmful to human health
    (d) Firearms and swords in the absence of a license, and such other articles, such as deadly weapons
    (e) Goods in conspicuously large quantities or of a heavy weight
    (f) Odor-emitting articles
    (g) Refuse or items detrimental to room hygiene
    (h) Other items not permitted by the resort to be brought into the rooms
    (i) Acts in violation of public order and morals
    (j) Distribution of fliers and other advertisements to other guests
    (k) Changing the place of equipment and articles in the resort, or to modify, take outside the room, or use such equipment and articles in ways other than originally intended
    (l) Access facilities not intended for use by guests (except are emergencies and unavoidable situations)
    (m) Ordering delivery of food and beverages, etc., from establishments other than those authorized by the resort
    (n) Using hair coloring or de-coloring agents, etc., in the bathroom of rooms and in the public bath; and
    (o) Engaging in any other acts detrimental to safety and hygiene on the premises of the resort.

18. Please return the door key at check out.

Thank you and Enjoy Your Stay!
Resort Management

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Additional Guidelines:

  1. Right of admission reserved.
  2. No refunds in the event of inclement weather.
  3. All swimming pools and water slides will remain open during the rain spells except in periods of, lightning, strictly at management’s discretion.
  4. We reserve the right to limit number of people entering the resort.
  5. Grill  and Picnic space cannot be reserved.
  6. We operate strictly on a first come first served basis.
  7. Should load shedding occur, some of our amenities will not operate. In the event of load shedding no refunds or discounts will be negotiated.